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Toyota Electric Vehicles For Sale in Dallas

Over time, Toyota has earned a reputation for creating safe, reliable, and tech-savvy cars. With its ever-growing line of electric vehicles, Toyota's cars also now offer a better fuel economy than ever. One of Toyota's most well-known electric cars is the Prius. The Prius is still a top seller in the electric car market. With some recent refreshments, it's now more capable of handling snow, rain, mud, and other elements with all-wheel drive. Some of Toyota's top SUVs, including the RAV4 and the Highlander, now offer improved gas mileage along with power and towing capabilities. Several sedans are also available as hybrids.


Toyota RAV4 Service Intervals

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the sleekest family SUVs in America, with a personality suited for leisure or adventure. No wonder most buyers are adamant about keeping up with Toyota RAV4 service intervals. These regularly scheduled services keep components of your RAV4 vital. You'll want to examine your trim's official service manual for full details on the Toyota RAV4 maintenance schedule for your specific trim, but this brief list is a good place to start.


2021 Toyota Sequoia Model Review

The 2021 Toyota Sequoia is a top choice for a large SUV. The Sequoia has the same mechanical components and aesthetics as it had in 2020, except a new Nightshade Special Edition with a blacked-out interior, custom black alloy wheels, roof rails, and standard four-wheel drive. The 2021 Sequoia has a flexible seating arrangement with the option of seating seven to eight people depending on whether or not you want captain's chairs. The Sequoia is loaded with safety technology from the base trim level up, and it has several creature comforts across the lineup. The Sequoia also stands out as a powerful and capable SUV with four-wheel drive available on most trims and substantial towing power.