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2021 Toyota RAV4 Model Review

The RAV4 Hybrid adds another trim this year, the XLE, and a new RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid model debuts. The plug-in produces more power than the standard and hybrid RAV4 models, and it has an impressive 42 miles of range on electric power. The only change to the standard gas-only RAV4 is that Blizzard Pearl replaces Super White as a paint option. Otherwise, it continues to offer the same features, performance and looks that have continued to make it a standout among its peers.


Toyota Corolla Service Intervals

Purchasing a new vehicle has never been easier, thanks to the options available at Toyota of Dallas. If you've chosen the Toyota Corolla as your next vehicle option, we want to make sure that you know what kind of maintenance and service is needed for this vehicle moving forward. There are specific Toyota Corolla service intervals that, when followed, contribute to how long your automobile is going to last. You can refer to your owner's manual for this information, and we also provide you with assistance whenever needed. The following is a general Toyota Corolla maintenance schedule that you can follow with our technicians' help.


About Dare to Dream Childrens' Foundation in Dallas

The mission of Dare to Dream is "Helping Youth to a Positive Future." Compassionate volunteers share their experiences about how they were able to become successful role models in spite of their difficult childhood experiences. The inspiration behind this organization is perhaps the biggest reason for its success. Jan Tennyson, the founder of Dare to Dream, was a foster child herself growing up in New York City. She knows firsthand the obstacles and sadness that foster children have endured because she has experienced those things herself. Now, she uses her story to inspire other kids to greatness and let them know that people care.